Best Instagram Theme Ideas (Use Guide Included)

How to choose an Instagram theme:

  • The first step is to select a grid layout.
  • The next step is to choose a theme.

The themes like:

  1. White theme
  2. Dark theme
  3. Vintage orange theme
  4. Tropical theme

These themes, as mentioned above, look great for Instagram.

How to create a beautiful theme:

  • Choose what type of content you want to post.
  • Pick the right filter, which will look great for your posts.
  • Rearrange the order of your posts.
  • Choose correct color coordination for your photos.
  • Check the background of your photos.
  • Use the same type of border.
  • Use natural light for your photos.
  • Always use high-quality photos.
  • Don’t post boring content. Make sure that your post has some fun.

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Let’s discuss some of the themes which are used across instagram accounts:

  • Line in the middle: This theme works best for the quotes.
  • Row magazine: This theme is best for magazine type of posts.
  • Tiles theme: This theme is best used for alternation between an image and a quote.
  • Rainbow theme: It is a rare theme. It looks like a rainbow. It offers different types of colors in the same image.
  • Puzzle theme: This theme makes the images look like a bigger picture. In this theme, all the photos are cropped accordingly as they are related to one another.
  • Whiteboard theme: This is the most comfortable theme, and this theme looks very consistent.
  • Dark border themes: These themes are rare and look more when it is a dark theme.
  • Rectangle photo frame: This theme is very elegant and different.
  • Mixed white border theme: It increases the white space between the images.
  • Same filter theme: This is best recommended for beginners. There is no need to use different types of filters. Just stick to one filter which looks right to your images and continue it all the photos.
  • White Background theme: Best theme and makes the photos pop.
  • Bright and White theme: This theme provides a bright look, as mentioned in the name itself.
  • The Dark theme: Nowadays, the dark theme is enabled in all the mobiles. It makes the images look astonishing and makes it underexposed.
  • Black and White theme: This theme is a powerful theme and makes the theme look adventurous.
  • Color-coordinated theme: The name as well indicates the coordination of colors. You should choose one or two or three hues and that you will use the most in your pictures. This theme is best for business purposes.
  • Color Block theme: This is also one of the most popular themes used across Instagram. This theme makes the images look more saturated. If you want to use this theme, you must have pictures with a solid or a strong background.
  • Minimalist theme: This theme is rarely used across Instagram because it tests the user’s creativity. 
  • Mono theme: This theme is best suited for the images that indicate the same subject(all the photos are of the same type and must have the same content).
  •  Flatlay theme: This theme is used for the pictures which are taken from the top.
  • Drawings in your theme: This theme already says in its name that the pictures contain drawings. This is also a cool theme and makes the images stand out.
  • Color splash theme: This theme is very rare. You cannot find it easily. In this theme, the total image is in black, but only the part of the image which you have selected will be in color.
  • Pink Instagram theme: Females mostly love this theme. This theme is often found in food, flowers etc.
  • The Blue theme: This theme contains a cool blue color. Instagram itself can do this. You can make this theme by using the temperature tool.
  • The Red theme: This theme contains a red color in the images. Ensure that the background of the photos should be white or black as they increase the contrast of the red color and make it more visible.
  • Brown theme: This theme is mostly used in warm and underexposed pictures. To get the brown theme, you can also use the M5 VSCO filter.
  • Teal and Orange theme: To create this type of theme, you should first find backgrounds that are in orange, yellow, pink and blue colors. This theme makes the image look bright.
  • Pink and Blue theme: This theme makes the images look more beautiful than they are. To get this kind of theme, you can take photos during the sunrise or sunset under the clear blue sky.
  • Clean Instagram theme: This theme looks very simple and mainly focuses on light colors. Make sure your images do not contain more or bright colors.
  • The Grunge theme: This theme makes the image look vintage and classic. It makes the skin tones look brighter.
  • No filter theme: Don’t go by the name as it contains no filter, it does include some filters which look natural, and one cannot notice if it isn’t observed closely.
  • Repetition theme: Unlike the theme mentioned above, this theme states itself in the name. The main thing here is to take similar kinds of photos under different backgrounds.
  • Geometric theme: This theme makes use of some props and shapes to create beautiful images.
  • Color Pop theme: This theme creates the most vibrant and contrast look. One of the main things here is you should look for a colorful background.
  • Top-Down theme: In this theme, the images are taken in the top shot with the person looking downwards. You can create this theme very easily.
  • Patterns Theme: This theme contains a lot of patterns and looks impressive. You know that patterns are found everywhere, including the buildings, skyscrapers, walls, some type of monuments etc.
  • Layout themes: This theme makes the images look neat and clean.
  • Mix and Match border: To use this theme, you should first crop the image either horizontally or vertically. This creates a fantastic mixed border.
  • Quote theme: This theme makes Instagram feed look inspirational. We can also make the checkerboard type style with this theme.
  • Pastel theme: This theme contains the colors like pink, yellow, blue and purple. This makes the images look cool.
  • Natural theme: This theme mainly focuses on less editing without adding any effects like saturation, hue, temperature etc. It concentrates mostly on brightness and contrast.
  • HDR theme: To get this theme, it needs a lot of hard work in editing. You need to merge two or three images together to get this effect. But once you get this effect, it looks like a 3D image.
  • Neon theme: This theme makes the colors pop out. It is often taken in sunlight or sunset conditions, which contains pink and orange light that adds pop colors to the images.
  • Drone theme: This theme is becoming more popular nowadays because it is impossible to capture the images with an angle that is seen only in airplanes. In this theme, the photos are taken with the help of drones by air.
  • Fairy tale theme: By using this theme, you can get incredible images. In this theme, we need to capture trees and landscapes.
  • Light theme: To use this type of theme, you make sure that your images contain white color in it.
  • Eclectic theme: To use this theme, we can use colors like orange and turquoise, which creates highly detailed images.
  • Summer theme: Mainly focuses on capturing palm trees, water falls, sky and beach etc.
  • Fall theme: This theme makes use of the leaves and trees. All these images contain mostly yellow and orange colors.
  • Winter theme: This theme captures a lot of images with snowfall. This theme has images like buildings or trees that are covered with snow.
  • Spring theme: Focuses on capturing the images of trees or leaves that are coming into life after a long winter season.
  • Food theme: It mainly focuses on food items with a different background.
  • Rustic theme: The images should have some dark colors in them and increase the warmth of the images to get a rustic feel.
  • Fitness theme: This theme contains all sorts of images related to fitness or bodybuilding, or exercises in which the motto is fitness.
  • Beauty and Makeup theme: This theme contains images related directly to makeup and beauty.
  • Pet theme: This theme contains images that are related to pets.
  • One-color theme: This theme provides clean Instagram feeds. You need to do nothing, just stick to one color, that’s it.
  • Two-color theme: If you don’t want to stick to one particular color, try considering these two colored themes. This also offers a clean look to the images and feed.
  • One theme: Just stick to one object like all water-related images or images related to sky etc.
  • Checkerboard theme: Just use some dark and light images and place them like the chessboard squares. It looks nice.


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These are the most used themes across all types of Instagram feeds or accounts. You can go through all of these or maybe some of these themes in your Instagram account or feeds, and you can find a relevant or suitable theme that you feel excellent or exceptional for your images.




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