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Private Instagram Viewer Photo – Account 

ImageRocket is webtool service that provie way to see private instagram account, download instagram photo, stories from private account. This instagram web viewer work based online, client don’t need to download anything to computer, phone or any device.

When someone on Instagram blocks you, you cannot view their Instagram stories and other content posted. But, with the use of the Instagram web viewer, you can still watch someone’s stories even if their accounts are set in private. The private Instagram viewer will enable you to view the locked or blocked profiles without experiencing any problems. Aside from that, this Instagram online viewer will not require you to pay an amount for download. It is completely free and can be accessed in no time.

If you want to know more about the Instagram private account viewer, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Why Instagram Is So Hot?

Instagram is a social networking service that have a big focus on sharing photo and video. When first launched in October 2010, Instagram is only available for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. However, this soon become irrelevant as Instagram release an Android version a year and half later in April 2012.  Then this is follow by a limited feature web version in November 2012. Four years later, in 2016, Instagram release versions for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 in April and October of that year respectively.

Private Instagram Account or Photo Viewer

It cannot be denied that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, together with Facebook, among the social media addicts. This platform will enable you to share any content, such as video or image that can be viewed by your followers.

At first, the said platform can only be accessed by the users of iOS mobile devices. But for the past years, Facebook Inc. created an Instagram version that can be accessed on Android mobile devices and Windows 10. Instagram also comes with an easy to access the web interface. Even though Instagram is a standalone social media platform, it can still be utilized with different third party apps. This includes the Instagram private profile viewer.

Can Instagram Private Viewer View Private Accounts and Profile?

When you are using Instagram, you are free to share your story, videos, or images. Aside from that, you can set these contents on private or public. You have the control of whether someone or your follower can see your contents or Instagram account, which include videos and images by setting your account in private. When you set your account in private, then only some of your allowed followers can view your uploaded contents.

You might be asking yourself, “how to see private Instagram?” Well, viewing an Instagram account that was set into private can still be viewed by anyone with the easy steps. But the private Instagram owner can also control the search results.

Ways to View Private Instagram Account

We cannot deny the fact that Instagram is considered one of the most known online video and photo-sharing platforms. It is being used by many, which include teens and adults.

The developers of the said platform know the importance of security when it comes to preserving the trust of the user. Even though Instagram is created to socialize with others through online, it cannot avoid the users to set their accounts into private. This is because they want to protect their private details from suspicious visitors.

When you start creating an Instagram account, both your photos and videos and the other contents you upload on the said platform can be viewed by many. This only means that, generally, all of the Instagram users are capable of viewing your shared or posted content and can quickly follow your account.

The Instagram profiles that are set publicly can be found and followed by many easily. On the other hand, Instagram accounts that are set privately have stricter follower restrictions.

When it comes to private accounts, the videos and pictures being posted can be viewed only by those approved viewers or followers. This will help the account owner to control the individuals who can know the current happenings in his or her life.

On the other hand, most of us still want to see the contents of private Instagram accounts for some reason. For instance, parents want to keep an eye to the social media activities of their kids. This is also beneficial to those businessmen who want to determine the things being done by his or her workers during the break time. There are lots of reasons why most of you want to check the uploaded contents of private Instagram account owners.

So, in this section, we are going to provide you with three easy steps that you can do to view the profiles, photos, videos, and other content being posted by the private Instagram accounts. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Use Private Instagram Viewer to See Private Pictures

There are only five steps that you need to follow to use the private Instagram viewer. These steps are easy to follow. Even if you are a starter in using the Instagram platform, you can use the private Instagram web viewer conveniently. So, if you want to view someone’s Instagram uploaded contents even though their account is private, then follow the steps we have provided below.

  1. The first step that you need to do is visit the tool page. This can be done with the help of the upper button.
  2. The second step that you need to do is to enter the username of your target Instagram user
  3. Third, you need to determine if the search result is correct. This can be done by checking the details
  4. The fourth step will require you to pick a content that you want to see
  5. You are done. The last step that you need to do is to enjoy viewing their private pictures and other content.

Send a Follow Request

It is essential for you not to view someone’s IG account anonymously. This is because it is not suitable for your ethics. On the other hand, if you want to know the life happenings of the private Instagram account owner, you might consider sending them a follow request.

When your target user accepts your follow request, then you are now capable of viewing their IG posts and contents. This is one of the first and possible ways that you can do to view a private IG account.

But there are still some ways that you can do if your target user does not accept your follow request. These steps are non-legitimate or less direct approaches. Through using these steps, you can accomplish your personal tasks more easily and conveniently.

Create a Fake Instagram Profile

Another step that you might follow to view a private IG account is through creating a fake IG profile. This might be considered the laziest approach, but it is quite effective.

The only thing that you should do in this step is to create another IG account with a fake name and a new email ID. You can use your fake account in sending a request to follow your target user. Aside from that, you might also consider messaging them to say something about yourself. You might introduce yourself as a long lost pal or a random admirer.

In addition to that, it is also a good way if you will pick a catchy username to have a higher chance of catching the attention of your target. There is also a possibility that they can follow you back after looking to your profile. So, if you want to monitor someone’s IG activities, then creating a fake Instagram account might help you.


For some people, the steps mentioned above are quite tricky. If you are one of them, then this step might catch your interest.

In this step, we will require you to use some of the Instagram viewer tools. The tools that you are going to use will not violate the enforced terms and policies of the developers of Instagram. But you need to do your research about the best Instagram viewer tools that you can use to follow someone’s private account. There is nothing for you to worry about because most of the Instagram viewer tools can be used easily. Even though you are not a tech-savvy person, we can ensure that you can access the IG viewer tools more easily and conveniently.


As we mentioned a while ago, IG or Instagram is also one of the most popular social media apps that you can download and install on your mobile devices. It is popular because it has excellent features that Facebook lack. Because of its popularity, people in every corner of the world can create their own IG account quickly.

In connection with that, there is a high possibility that the person who is following you on IG wants to get your personal information. This is the reason why there are private accounts that you can see on Instagram.

On the one hand, most people still have valid reasons to view the uploaded contents by the private IG account users. These people are usually the parents and the business owners who want to monitor the social media activities of their kids and workers. If you have your valid reason in monitoring someone’s IG activity, you might consider using the steps we have provided above. But make sure that you will use those steps rightly and adequately.

We hope that this article gives you knowledge on how to view someone’s IG posts even if their account is set in private. Do not hesitate to try one of those approaches to increase your possibility of accomplishing your personal task.