Instagram Video Downloader – Way To Save IG Videos


Most of us always surfing Instagram, and many of the time we watch some interesting videos or pictures. Sometimes you want to download these interesting videos maybe to watch further without using the internet or use them. 

Although, there is a way to save it by using your screen recorder. But this is not the best method because you can not get your video of perfect quality. If you want it to use in your video then definitely you need the perfect quality type video.

Also when you want to download an Instagram video maybe you do not want that you have to ask the author to get the exact quality. Or maybe you just want to download the video without its creator knowing.

Also when you want a tool to download Instagram videos you do not want the site is fake or comes with a malware issue. Because this is important. So we can assure you to provide the right type of tools that do not come with any malware. 

You using these tools which are free and download your favorite Instagram video on the best quality. And these tools are often great because you can download the videos from any device you want, a laptop, or any type of phone. Further, you can download the video in a very quick way just for a few clicks.

If it is you who are facing the above issue then you are in the right place, my friend. Today we are here for you to come with the Instagram video downloader tools to solve your problem. So read our article further to get rid of your problem.

How to Download Videos from Instagram / IG Service? 

This is another version of Instagram Web Profile Viewer

Step 1 : Copy Username Profile / Reel On Instagram

At first, you need to find your favorite video that you want to do download from Instagram. After that, you need to go to the three dots present on the upper corner of the Instagram app, and there you can find the ‘Copy link’. You need to click on that option to copy the video URL to download your video.  

Step 2 : Put On Search Form

Fill the form above, make sure you’re entered correct instagram username (without @).

Step 3 : Start Download Instagram Videos

After that, in that tool, you can find the download or save option. Click on that to download the video on your device. Then you have to select a folder where you want to download the video. Next, you can see the video starts downloading. And this will take time depending on the video quality.

Best Instagram Private Video Downloader Tools

Are you looking for a instagram video downloader? You have come to the right place. ImageRocket Is The Best Software To Save Instagram Videos.

The first step is to see the number of videos you have, which you can do through the Instagram app itself. On a computer, you can do this by logging in to your account and going to your profile.

Now that you have the number of videos you have, you can see which ones you want to download. You can select to download all your videos or you could select a specific amount. (c)

Why do You need to download Instagram videos? 

As you read our article you know we already mentioned the answers at the beginning of this article. But we want to clear you perfectly that why anyone needs to or wants to download an Instagram video. There are many reasons for that. Some are given below.

1/As a purpose of content Video creation

When we are talking about Instagram video downloaders, it would come to mind that the best use of it in your content video. Maybe you want to create a unique video from your competitors and to do that you found some interesting videos on Instagram. Now you need to download the video. So you can get the top position on your content video. Therefore all you need is just the Instagram video downloader. So go with it.

2/For make it further usable

Sometimes you found that an Instagram video is very important to you that you can use it further for more variable use. Maybe a video comes from your idle which is very important to you. But you know you can not get to see it further after sometimes. So you want to keep it. For that, you need to download it. So go for the downloader. Also, sometimes happen an Instagram video is so unique for the way it is created. Maybe with some interesting video footage that is lovable to see or some simple content made beautifully. You want to use it want to store it. So that’s the time you have to download it. And then, that’s time why you understand why an Instagram video downloader is important to you. 

3/For downloading your own Instagram video

Sometimes it happens that you upload a special video of yours on Instagram. But it mistakenly or unwantedly deleted from your device. Now you want to get back your special favorite video with the exact quality that you upload. Because this video is very important for you. And you may not suer that how far you can has the chance to see the video, or you doubt that how far they will keep your video on Instagram. So that time you want to store it. Then you think about the Instagram Downloader. And from that you can fulfill your wish, you can get back your video with exact quality as you upload it on Instagram and can keep it forever.

4/Need to download IG videos for a special event

This is a very uncommon reason for downloading an Insta video, but this is also important. Maybe tomorrow you have a birthday or wedding party. You want to give or show some video made by you with their special memories. But for that, you need some videos they are uploading on Instagram. You want without their knowing to download their video to surprise them. So also for that reason, you need the video downloader here. 

Another reason is office work. Maybe you have a meeting tomorrow and you need to download some immediate video for your presentation. And then you see some video on Instagram and download it immediately by the Instagram Downloader. 

FAQ ABOUT Video Downloader

1/Can I download a private Instagram video?

Yes, you can also download the private Instagram video if you need it. You have to go to the private video from the private Instagram video. Then you have to copy the URL and paste the tool to download it. 

2/What device do I need to download the Instagram video?

There is no need for any special device to download Instagram videos. Because most of the tools are web-based. So you can use your phone device to open the tools on your browser. Then you can paste the URL and download the Instagram video. 

3/Can I also download the Instagram photos on the tools?

Yes, you can. As mentioned, ImageRocket have Photo Download Function,  you can also download Instagram videos as well as Instagram photos.

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