It may happen sometimes that you see an Instagram story and then it is very likable by you. Now you want to share it with your family and friends. But how? To do that you need to download the story with the downloader. Sometimes you may choose to screenshot the stories, but they are not a great method always. Thus now let’s talk about the IG downloader.


What is an IG Downloader? 


As we all aware of this that Instagram stories come with for short time. So, if sometimes we want to download Instagram stories then we need a downloader. Thus, an IG downloader is that tool that will help you to save Instagram stories on your device.


How to save Instagram Stories?


Maybe before, you also try many ways to download an Instagram story. Maybe you succeed or fail. But today we are coming with an easy way for you to download or rather you can say to save the Instagram stories. 


You are able to save the Instagram stories both on your mobile phone and also on your computer or laptop. 


Save Instagram Video on Phone

Open the Instagram app on your phone. Then find out the best story that you want to save and share with your friends and family members. Now, copy the Instagram user name of that candidate who posts that story. After that, you have to paste the user name on the input bar of the Instagram Story Downloader. Then you see the ‘Download’ option. Click on that and the story is successfully saved on to your device. 


Save Instagram Video on Computer or Laptop

The process is actually the same as the previous one. First, you have to open Instagram on your computer browser. Then you have to search for the favorite story you want to download. After that copy the username of that person or copy the account URL of that person. And then, similarly, open the ‘Instagram Story Downloader’ on the browser and paste the ‘username’ or the ‘URL’ on the input bar. In a similar way here you also see the ‘Download’ option. Click on it. And now the story is present on your device. 


Also on the computer, you are able to see all the stories posted by the users. So you can scroll the stories and downloads more than one story from that user.  


What is the Usage of a saved Instagram Story?


There are some reasons available that why you want to save the Instagram story. They are as follows


  1. Instagram story coming for a short time i.e. 24/7

Nowadays, most Instagram users like to see stories rather than a posted image. And sometimes may want to keep it forever. But, as it comes with a very short period so you can not observe your favorite stories on Instagram as much as you want. But if you download the story then it remains forever with you and you will able to see it any time you want. 


  1. Want to save a particular party or event on Instagram Story

Maybe you find a story on your friend profile that is about an event or party you participated in. And maybe the event is important for you and you want to keep that story as a memory. Then you should probably go with the Instagram Story Downloader.


  1. An inspirational story

It may happen that somebody posted a story that is very inspirational for you. And you want to keep that story for more time to get inspired again and again. But as you know the story does not remain forever, thus at that time you need to download the story with the help of an IG downloader.


  1. Cost you know money 

As download stories from IG downloader cost, you know the money you can try this one to download your favorite, memory, or inspirational stories. But if you thinking about seeing the ‘whole assortment’ then it will cost you money. Because for that you have to select a premium package. 


  1. It is a legal method

If you are worried about that it is a legal method or not then remember it is a legal d until you follo the rules method until you follow the rules. So you have don’t to worry about it. But just remember that if you ever use that story for your professional purpose or upload it on social then there should be a copyright claim active. So if you think about using it on the internet, first permission from the author or credit them. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I save a story anonymously?

Yes, it is possible. You are able to save your favorite Instagram story anonymously. 


  1. Can users know when I download their story?

No. They are not aware that you download their story. Because it is a 100% secure process.


  1. Where can I found my downloaded Instagram stories?

As for the computer or phone, the downloaded stories are always founded in the download folder. For Windows, you can found it on the PC and then the ‘download’ option. For Mac press ‘Shift+Command+J’ to open the download folder. And for phone go to ‘File manager’ then the downloads option. 


  1. Can I see a story anonymously?

Yes, As you are able to download the story anonymously also you are able to see the story anonymously with the help of this Instagram Story Downloader tool.  


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