Instagram is the most popular and widely social media platform across the globe. Nowadays, everyone, even a kid, has an Instagram account. For every Instagram account, there is a need to create a username. When Instagram first rolled out in the play store, most of the people started usernames by using their own names or with their initials or with their surnames.

But now things have changed a lot. People are thinking of creating a unique username that is not used across many social media platforms. People are paying more attention to create usernames that look different than the commonly used usernames. Even the kids are using some unique usernames. This tells us how badly there is a need to create a unique username.

If you are thinking about creating a unique or different username for your Instagram handle, you are at the right place. Here we provide you with a lot of information about how to create a unique or different or killer username for your Instagram handle.

How to create some unique Instagram usernames:

Now let’s look into this how to create a unique username for your Instagram handle.

Check your followers:

First, ask yourself a question, who follows your account, let it be friends or family, then consider using a nickname or your original name with initials or surname. If you are using the Instagram handle for your profession, let it be journalism or musician or teacher or software engineer, try considering some serious names.

What is the purpose of creating your Instagram account:

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Before creating your Instagram handle, question yourself what the purpose of creating an Instagram account is. The purpose of creating an Instagram account may vary from person to person, whether it is related to fashion or music or traveler or blogger or vlogger or hill climber or foodie or fitness instructor. Select a name regarding the purpose of your creation. 

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Research deeply:

Research deeply for your username. Find that no sort of username is similar. Make sure that you haven’t copied the username from others. 

Let’s check some of the crazy combinations that work best for usernames:

  • Your name+rhyming name

E.g., Rocking Rakesh

  • Color+your name

E.g., Yellow Yaswanth

  • Flower+your name(girls mostly use this)

E.g., Rosy Roshini

  • Music genre+your name

E.g., Hip-hop peter

  • Profession+your name

E.g., Singer Sujatha

  • Favorite place+your name

E.g., Darjeeling dev

  • Hobby+your name

E.g., Sleeping Soheil

  • Favorite team+your name

E.g., Arsenal Aravind

  • Pet name+your name

E.g., Kittu Kishore

  • Your nickname+your name

E.g., Honey Haden

  • Food name+your name

E.g., Biryani Balu

  • Emotions+your name

E.g., sad sam

  • Country name+your name

E.g., American adam

  • Relationship status+your name

E.g., Single Shannu

  • Adjective+your name

E.g., furious Finn


Some of the unique usernames that I come across many times when I am using Instagram.

  • Milky Mahesh
  • Sadist sai
  • Charan cherry
  • Mad max
  • Lovely peter
  • Mental mary
  • Careless kai
  • Washing Valerie
  • Going gill
  • Cooking Chris
  • Funny Firoj
  • Pilot Prakash

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How to change the username on Instagram:

Don’t know how to change the username in your Instagram profile. Just follow these simple steps to change your Instagram username.

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the edit profile.
  3. Find username there.
  4. Tap on that area.
  5. Type the username you want to use.
  6. Then tap on done.
  7. You have successfully updated or changed your username.


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How to pick a perfect username for Instagram:

Check these before if you’re creating a username on Instagram.

  • It must be original
  • Make it look simple
  • If the username is shorter, it looks better
  • Use the same username which you used previously on other social media apps
  • Use words from other languages
  • Make use of funny words before or after the name


Avoid using these things:

  • Don’t use long words
  • Use random characters like @, _ etc
  • Avoid using dots and dashes in the middle of the names

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Instagram username generator:

Finding the right username is very important these days. But it is very hard to find the unique username we are looking for. Even if we find a username that will be apt for your name, someone might have taken it. To avoid all these complications, Instagram username generators have come into existence.

Let’s look into some of the Instagram username generators here, which are providing the best usernames.

  • Nitreo – not only provides usernames but also has some tools which help to grow their Instagram accounts.
  • spinXO – provides cool and funny usernames
  • Jimpix – offers username with a lot of categories.
  • Lingojam – a very random username generator
  • Username generator – creates a username with a certain amount of characters.
  • Username buddy – it keeps your name anonymous. It creates usernames from cars, brands and even from the parts of the body.
  • Speedy password – it asks for specific categories like positive or negative or hero or villain or heroine or sports etc.
  • Masterpiece generator – helps you to create usernames in a creative and exciting way.
  • Name – it provides usernames for any type of accounts. It even provides the usernames for gaming type.
  • Fantasy name generators – not only provide fantasy names but also make your account more secure.
  • Best randoms – provides username by using the category you selected. It provides 80 usernames at once
  • Name generator fun – provides usernames that are funny, smart and fashionable. 
  • Lastpass – provides usernames that are hard to guess. It also helps in creating passwords that no one can break or guess.
  • Templar island group – provides all kinds of usernames.
  • Mooky chick- provides a username which is worthy.
  • Quizony Instagram name generator – creates username by asking some questions like who you are and what you are
  • Bottom line-this offers usernames for users who are new to Instagram.
  • – provides the usernames which match the idle keywords you entered there. One of the best features of this website is that you don’t have to use any username checker whether it is available or not. The website itself provides this option.


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These are some of the websites which provide the best usernames for Instagram handles. You can still come across various types of websites which provide usernames. But the websites which are mentioned above will work great and stand in the top place.




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