Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

Instagram is a popular platform for social media; it might, in reality, be the most popular. We can find much different content on the platform as Instagram users, and we can search through them according to our desires. Often, such magnificent stuff can be discovered that we want to look at continuously. That is why we all would like to take an Instagram screenshot. So, the same question is posed by a lot of people who use Instagram. Does Instagram notify us with screenshots?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Instagram Post?

Are you on the profile of a user and want to take a screenshot of a post? Proceed without problems: Instagram will not notify the screenshots you take of photos and videos they upload. This “no notification” helps you save other users’ published content that can do the same as yours!

Does Instagram Notify Screenshots of Stories?

The Instagram Stories Viewer are engaging. You will watch the stories of your friends and other public users. Often we will see any fascinating stuff for us, and we want to take a screenshot of it. For example, you could find stories about an entity that shows its place and time. You may try to take a screenshot of it, but you’re concerned about it because you think the Story owner should be informed about your screenshot. Luckily, there’s no such thing.

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Instagram spent a couple of months exploring a feature where people could see who took screenshots of their stories, but that feature has been disabled since then. The feature was noticed in February 2018. It was gone by June. Since then, users on Instagram have freely taken photos or other users’ stories without being Instagram screenshot updated.

If you screenshotted someone’s Instagram story and are worried about the user’s notification of Instagram Screenshot, you are not too afraid it does not notify the user.

Let’s imagine you’re going on a holiday and want to share all that’s going on for only a small number of people you trust not to screenshot your stuff or don’t worry if they do, so what you’re going to want to do is build a “Close Friends.” folder. If you’re sharing a post, then you have the choice of posting it to the “close friends” list instead of all your Instagram posts.

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Screenshot Instagram Story Notification

Currently, Instagram does not notify users if anyone took a screenshot of their profile or photo. You can take screenshots of any content or photo that the user posted without letting them be notified. Instagram will notify if you took a screenshot of disappearing content like stories, posts, and videos. Their sender will be notified if you screenshot these types of images, posts, or messages. In the past, Instagram has changed the screenshot notification. You need to know if Instagram is notifying the user if they screenshot the image or video before taking a screenshot.

Instagram Screenshot

First of all, go to the stories you posted a while ago. Now look for the people who have viewed them. Now it’s time to see whether your stories have been taken screenshots or not. To know who has taken a screenshot of your story, look for the star symbol, which is beside the user. If the star symbol is present, it means that the user has taken a screenshot of your story or post. If there are no signs of any star icon, no user has taken a screenshot of your post. That’s all. If you do not want to notify any user that you have taken a screenshot, then turn on the airplane mode and then take a screenshot. This will not let you notify the user if you have taken a screenshot.

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Instagram Screenshot update

At this time, only taking the screenshots of disappearing messages or posts will send a notification to the account user. The notification states that the following username has taken a screenshot of your photo with a photo that you have sent. For the regular posts or stories, there has never been any notification feature about the screenshots.

What if you screenshot someone’s Instagram story!

Instagram stories are meant only for temporary use. But most people take screenshots or videos of that post to keep them in memory. Because of these reasons, Instagram has started a feature that will alert the users when anyone has taken a screenshot by showing a star icon near the username.

But in 2018, Instagram has discontinued this feature, and now the users do not get any signs of notification if someone has taken a screenshot or video of your post. Even though Instagram removed this feature, there are some instances where the user will be notified if someone has taken a screenshot. This feature works only for disappearing messages or posts. This is a feature in Instagram that allows the user to set the post’s time to appear online. If the time limit is reached, the post or the message will be automatically deleted.

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How to avoid screenshot detection?

One way to avoid this is to use airplane mode. Follow these steps.


  • Swipe down from the top of the mobile or screen using two fingers.
  • Locate the airplane mode icon.
  • Tap it to activate airplane mode.
  • Take a screenshot of your desired photo.
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  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on iPhone 8 and older (Touch ID) or down from your screen’s top right on iPhone X and newer (Face ID).
  • Locate the airplane mode icon.
  • Tap it to activate airplane mode.
  • Take a screenshot of your desired photo.

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If you want to browse any website, you need to turn off airplane mode before starting browsing. To turn off the airplane, follow the same steps mentioned above.

Another way to avoid sending any notification to the user is using Instagram on your browser. There are no features for the Instagram browser to track any signs of screenshots that the users have taken. So this is an easy and the best way to take screenshots of the post or stories.

Another best way to avoid sending screenshots is to take another mobile and open the camera and now capture the post with that mobile. That’s all. Even if Instagram has a feature that will send a notification if you take a screenshot does not work.





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