Month: March 2021

How To Tag Someone On Instagram Story

There are several good reasons behind tagging a person on your Instagram story. If your post or Story contains a photo or video about that person, it is a good idea to tag them. These tagging features help viewers view that tagged person’s profile, and if they wish, they can follow them. You can also … Read More

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Instagram Stories has become a surprise success product on the social network in several respects. It was created as a “Snapchat killer” – taking one of the most critical aspects of the app and making it stronger. Since the launch of Instagram Posts, Instagram has introduced, evolved, and enhanced its range of features. One of … Read More

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

Instagram is a popular platform for social media; it might, in reality, be the most popular. We can find much different content on the platform as Instagram users, and we can search through them according to our desires. Often, such magnificent stuff can be discovered that we want to look at continuously. That is why … Read More

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