How to See Private Instagram

How to view someones private Instagram photos?

If you wonder how to see Private Instagram photos, then you are in the right spot. By default, you can’t view any Insta photos from a private Instagram account. But there is a way you can use a third-party app to view Instagram photos and accounts. Some of the third-party apps are, PrivateInsta, InstaLooker, and InstaRipper. Remember, these are not official Instagram apps; these are third-party apps, and they may compromise some privacy policies.

How to See Private Instagram

How to go private on Instagram?

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Navigate to your Instagram profile by clicking on the profile icon
  3. Hit-> Settings
  4. Hit-> Privacy
  5. Hit -> Switch to Personal Account
  6. Hit -> Switch back to confirm

How to see private Instagram

Past some years, Instagram has been one of the topmost famous social media platforms. It has grown from being a photo-sharing service to developing many people’s businesses and professions. The exciting features like Instagram shops, Instagram reels,  AR filters, IGTV, live emojis, etc., have made Instagram very familiar among the young generation these days.

Many influencers, bloggers, and celebrities do not keep their private profiles rather public communicating with their fans and followers. Remember that a new Instagram account will be set to public by default in settings. A public account lets anyone view your photos and videos of your account.

Despite this, it can result in an outcast risk of a privacy breach.  It can be overcome by modifying the account settings and making the profile private rather than public and keeping your profile private lets only your followers view your Instagram contents. On the other hand, public accounts are easily accessible, whereas private accounts are created with limitations.

A person may check someone’s account due to some personal or professional reasons. If you want to view a person’s account and you are not a follower of that account, you need to send in a follow request in the first place before you can view their account. There are several other ways to let you see the content of a person’s private account and when someone blocks you on their Instagram private account.

The article will additionally lead you to view private Instagram profiles. Here are few tips.

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Public Instagram Account VS Private Instagram Account

In current years, the use of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram has grown tremendously. However, many people are pretty ignorant of the differences between the two. This article attempts to explain the main differences between social media networks and what you should be doing differently if you want to grow your business using a social media network. We will compare Instagram with other popular social media networks and look at how Instagram can help your business. It will also compare different advertising methods and see which platforms are the best for promoting products or services.

Instagram is designed to be more private and easier to manage than most other social media profiles. However, unlike other platforms, Instagram private is not restricted by basic rules like ‘don’t spam. You can, however, moderate your profile to ensure that it is only visible to users you trust. Unlike a private profile, the content on your Instagram profile can be seen by anyone who visits the network, and posts can be tagged.

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The most apparent difference between a public and private Instagram profile is its availability to other users. A public Instagram profile is visible to everyone; therefore, people browsing the network will access your content. If you are actively promoting a business on Instagram, people will know when you have new posts, and you will have the opportunity to make changes to the content and respond to comments and queries. However, if you are promoting a business without any interaction, it is good to create a private Instagram profile. In this case, you will have to limit the size of your profile to a small group of friends. It will ensure that no one except those you want on the profile can access your posts and information.

In addition to the differences between public and private Instagram, there are also different ways that these two sets of features can be used to promote businesses. Since anyone can view businesses, it may be a good idea to create separate profiles for different purposes. For instance, some businesses may choose to create a business page where they can update customers about sales, deals, and events and interact with their customers through various forms of communication, such as Twitter, Facebook, and emails. On the other hand, some businesses may simultaneously promote their businesses using all three social media sites.

Private Instagram accounts tend to allow users to post images from their camera roll. Businesses may choose to make their images available to friends and followers through this platform. As images are uploaded from the user’s camera roll, they must be appropriate for public viewing. Businesses may need to do a bit of research to determine which images will attract the most attention. Since images are visible to the public, they must meet a certain quality standard.

Private Instagram pages are not visible to the public, so businesses may not know whether their images will be attractive to others until they begin communicating with their Instagram followers. However, businesses must be careful about how they go about promoting their businesses. Some businesses may take the process too far by making every post related to their business a public promotion. If a business starts down this road, it may be best to start a private page and only post images relevant to their page.

In general, it can be more effective for businesses to use private networks instead of public ones. While there are some advantages to both methods, the secret lies in finding which one works best for a particular business. There is neither a right nor wrong reply, so it is up to the individual business owner to decide which method is most beneficial. Both methods of promotion can help businesses increase their reach and brand awareness.

One needs to understand the differences between public Instagram accounts and private Instagram accounts.

When an account is newly created, it is already mentioned that it is set to public by default. When the profile is searched by name or anyone comes across the profile, they can quickly access the content on the account. Anyone can easily interact with the account owner by leaving comments on the posts or using the Direct Message option.

For getting a better outreach, even some accounts tend to buy Instagram followers for more exposure. People consider that account owner to be successful depending upon the number of followers. The more followers, the more popularity the account has.

A public Instagram profile can be found using google and other third-party searches. If the account’s content is public, one can see the posted pictures on Google Image searches.

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But, viewing a private profile is tricky. There are different kinds of people. Some like making new random friends, whereas some like privacy. They only interact and allow those people to follow them whom they know and are already friends with. Also, they might approve those requests for the content they find relevant. Therefore, their profiles are only visible and accessible to followers. To keep unwanted people away, the best option is to make your personal Instagram profile private. 95% of privacy can be achieved on a private Instagram account. Without approval to be added as a follower, nobody can view any content nor comment on any posts. They can neither direct message the user.


Five ways to view Private Insta Profiles

Five ways to view Private Insta Profiles

#1 Send a Follow Request

Sending a follow request is the only authorized way to check someone’s private Instagram account. It may get accepted if you are known to the person or if they feel interested in adding you. Also, the person may follow you back if interested.

It is not certain that if you are known, they will accept your request. Their request may get accepted, rejected, or may be pending. It entirely depends on the correlation between the user and you or their interests.

It is recommended to wait for a few days to get a response from the user. Some users do not use Instagram frequently and very active on the platform. The request also might get ignored because the user may not check his ‘follow requests’ section.

Also, some people tend to keep a distance from unknown requests. In this case, you may DM, i.e., direct message them. A friendly introduction might be helpful. You may talk to them and tell them why you want to follow them and let them know your interest. It could help up to an extent, and requests might get accepted, and you will be able to see Instagram private photos.

When you are a known person to them, recall them of your relationship. It will be an effortless way to get yourself accepted and follow their account.

#2 Do Google Search

Searching the Instagram username on Google is another way to look at a private account’s details. There might be chances that you are unaware of the username. In this instance, find the account with the actual name on the Insta app. Next, copy & paste the user ID on the google search bar.

Google saves a profile’s digital blueprints. Even if the Instagram profile is now private, there is always a possibility to learn more from a Google image search.

The profile is viewable when the account was public. Google saves photos’ backgrounds. At the very least, you will able to view the account holder’s profile photo.

Also, you can get details about their social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter that are unprotected.

#3 Create the Fake account

A fake account was created to get in touch with someone’s private account. Still, it is immoral to create fake accounts and might put you in trouble.

If you are very desperate, you can create another Instagram account with a different email ID or mobile number. A female account has a great chance of getting follow request approved.

  • Under such accounts, use a peculiar name of a girl and set a profile picture.
  • You might share and post any trending posts that are women-orientated.
  • Follow some public profiles and trusted friends so that your profile looks real.
  • Account settings should be made ‘private’ so that the user gets curious about you and might accept the request.

After following the points stated above in your mind and complete setting up the fake profile, send a follow request to the person. If the profile looks appealing, the user will accept it.

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If this doesn’t work, you may send in a message and talk to the person politely about mutual interests. The main challenge is to develop trust. Once that is gained, the request may get accepted, and even the user might follow you back. Creating a fake account is a repressive way. And it does not provide any pledge that the request will get accepted. Still, give it a shot!

#4 Use Third-party App to view Private Instagram account

If you wonder how to see Private Instagram photos, then you are in the right spot. By default, you can’t view any Insta photos from a private Instagram account. But there is a way you can use a third-party app to view Instagram photos and accounts. Best hird-party apps is Imagerocket Instagram Profile Web Viewer. Remember, these are not official Instagram apps; these are third-party apps, and they may compromise some privacy policies. If a person has a private account, this implies they want it that way. Looking into someone’s profile in unapproved ways using third-party tools is not good and bypass private Instagram limitations.

#5 Make a Duplicate account

If all the plans mentioned above didn’t work for you for viewing a private Instagram account, the last option left for you is to create a duplicate account.

As already stated, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are unprotected. One can hide their Insta account content by making it private. Though, Facebook has also made changes in its privacy policy. A user can now lock his Facebook profile to prevent access by the public.

In this case, find that particular person on Facebook whom you want to check on Instagram. The most interacted accounts can be searched through Facebook. When you know with whom that account interacts the most, you may create a duplicate account of a similar name. Use his/her profile picture and name on the Instagram account. After setting up all this, send a follow request to the targeted user. The request will most probably be approved.

Still, it is not a long-term process, and the person will eventually know that it is fake. The account will then be reported and blocked.

After creating a duplicate account with putting up someone’s actual data is illegal and breaching someone’s privacy, it can drive you into serious trouble if an official complaint is lodged.

How to go Private on Instagram?

Take the following steps if you wish to make your Instagram account private.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Navigate to your Instagram profile by clicking on the profile icon
  3. Hit-> Settings
  4. Hit-> Privacy
  5. Hit -> Switch to Personal Account
  6. Hit -> Switch back to confirm

Detail Here : How to set Instagram to private


By 2021, almost every social media profile will enable users to post personal images, videos, emails, and other content. Some individuals want to make their actions public, and others choose to keep their activities private. The same option is available to Instagram users.

The accounts are often checked for many reasons. It is natural to get curious about it. Parents tend to check their children’s accounts for safety reasons. A person tends to spy on and check the account of the person they like.

The pros and cons of all the methods to view private Instagram accounts are all discussed here.

Could you give them a follow request right away? It’s a bold and legitimate step. Alternatively, please give them a direct message on Instagram to introduce yourself. Be calm and courteous, and they will gladly consider your invitation to communicate.




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