How To Set Instagram Profile To Private

If you use Instagram, you may want to make sure your photos only go to the people you want to see them. Maybe you don’t want your boss to see how fun you are on weekend trips, or you want to make sure your ex isn’t seeing how happy you look with your new partner. Luckily, it’s not hard to change your privacy settings so that only the people you want to see your photos get the chance. In this post, we will provide how to set instagram profile to private.

How To Set Instagram Profile To Private

If you are wondering about how to make Instagram private, then you are at the right spot! Follow the instructions bulleted below,

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Navigate to your Instagram profile by clicking on the profile icon
  • Hit-> Settings
  • Hit-> Privacy
  • Hit -> Switch to Personal Account
  • Hit -> Switch back to confirm

How to set privacy on Instagram

  • Open -> Instagram.
  • Next, Select -> Settings.
  • Next, Select -> Privacy.
  • It will open Account Privacy -> Tap it.
  • Toggle the button to enable the Private privacy option. It will hide all your post on Instagram.


Past some years, Instagram has been one of the topmost famous social media platforms. It has grown from being a photo-sharing service to developing many people’s businesses and professions. The exciting features like Instagram shops, Instagram reels,  AR filters, IGTV, live emojis, etc., have made Instagram very familiar among the young generation these days. 

Many influencers, bloggers, and celebrities do not keep their private profiles rather public communicating with their fans and followers. Remember that a new Instagram account will be set to public by default in settings. A public account lets anyone view your photos and videos of your account. 

Despite this, it can result in an outcast risk of a privacy breach.  It can be overcome by modifying the account settings and making the profile private rather than public, and keeping your profile private lets only your followers view your Instagram contents. On the other hand, public accounts are easily accessible, whereas private accounts are created with limitations.

A person may check someone’s account due to some personal or professional reasons. If you want to view a person’s account and you are not a follower of that account, you need to send in a follow request in the first place before you can view their account. There are several other ways to let you see the content of a person’s private account and when someone blocks you on their Instagram private account. 

The article will additionally lead you on how to make Instagram private profiles.

Private Instagram Account

Making Instagram private account has many benefits. One of them is maintaining a more intimate connection with your followers because you have a personal relationship. However, several precautions should be taken before one will start the process of making Instagram private account. Some of these precautions are, in fact, simple and easy to do, while others may seem complicated and time-consuming.

One of the main things to remember when to set Instagram to private for yourself or someone else is to set the privacy settings to private. It means that every image you upload will not be publicly visible to anyone unless you request it to be public. Therefore, to upload pictures, you will have to use the privacy settings to hide any personal information. Such as a person’s name, as long as you are careful when making images private, and remember constantly updating your photo albums once they are private.

One of the most common mistakes of users when it comes to private profile settings is not knowing how to unlock the page. There are many ways to obtain access to the account’s privacy features. The first method is to click on the link that shows up when you use the search feature of the Twitter site. You will be shown various options, and if you choose to go with the first option, you will redirect to a page to click the “Tekoa” icon to gain access to the private profile.

Another option for gaining access to a private account on Instagram is to click on the “Build Private” button on the main page. By doing this, you will gain immediate access to the account’s privacy features. Suppose you do not want other people to see your images or additional information on the account. In that case, you should keep this button locked so that only you and authorized individuals can upload pictures. You can also modify to set Instagram to private so that you are the sole owner of the account, and all images and information will be private.

The private images that you upload to your Instagram account will be viewable by anyone who asks for them, as long as they have the correct link. For instance, if you set your account to private, then your images will only be viewable by those who have the links to the specific photos. The social networking site recommends using the links provided in your email to gain access to the images on the site. In addition to being viewable only by authorized users, the photos you upload can only be viewed within a specific geographic area. If you intend to post images outside of these boundaries, you will need to be aware of the privacy settings on the photos so that you can still upload them. Still, there is no risk of your images being shared illegally or illegally.

Many users choose to create a private Instagram account to upload high-quality images without being subjected to the spam content filters the popular social networking site offers. However, this feature can prove problematic for those who intend to post photos that may appear offensive to some users. In the meantime, you can take precautions against irresponsible image usage by only uploading images that you were forced to post through the use of one of the various image options available on the site. It is also important to choose images wisely. For example, if you plan to upload a picture of your child’s face because you want to share it with your friends, you should only do so if you know and trust the person who has posted the image.

Although Instagram may not yet have as many features as its biggest competitors like Facebook and Twitter, it has come a long way in terms of user-friendliness. You can now easily organize your photo albums on the platform, search for specific users and send messages to them. It is also easy to manage several groups in a private Instagram account, while multiple account support gives you a chance to show off your work to your entire social network. With all these features in place, there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the millions of people already using the private Instagram account. Just make sure to exercise due diligence and caution when using your new account to keep your social life running smoothly.

How to make Instagram private

How to make Instagram private

Via Instagram App

To make Instagram account private is an easy and effortless process when it comes to the Instagram app. Follow the instructions given below to make your Instagram Private.

  1. Initially Open -> Instagram app
  2. Log in by email Id or Username with password
  3. Next, hit on the Instagram profile icon on the bottom
  4. Next tap -> Hamburger icon on the right side
  5. Tap -> Settings.
  6. Next, Tap-> Privacy.
  7. It will open the Account Privacy page
  8. Tap the Private account toggle button to ON
  9. It will hide all your post on Instagram.

Via Browser

Instagram is designed as a mobile app; you may wonder it possible to change the privacy settings on the Browser.  Then YES! for your query. It is possible; you can change and modify the setting via a browser on your PC or with your mobile Browser. To make Instagram account private is an easy and effortless process. Follow the Instructions bulled below to change the privacy settings,

  • Open Browser either in mobile or Computer
  • Enter -> on the address bar and hit Enter
  • Log in by Email ID, Phone number, or Username with Password.
  • Next, Click -> Log in
  • Click -> Instagram Profile icon on the right corner.
  • Click -> Settings from the profile menu.
  • It will redirect you to the edit section on the Instagram profile page.
  • On the left side, Click -> Privacy and Security.
  • The Account privacy section -> mark the Private account check box; it will automatically save the modified settings.
  • Now all your post is private, and it will be viewable only to your request accepted followers.

Things to know about Private Accounts

  • Always keep in mind, all the post which are posted in Instagram will be viewable to your accepted follower request only. But also remember this setting is applicable for Instagram only if you share the same post on Facebook or Twitter; those posts will not follow these guidelines.
  • If your Instagram account is private, then people who like to follow will need to send a “follow request” to view your posts, and that’s too after you accept the request.
  • You can see all the follower request in the request section.
  • Depends on your interest, you can accept it or decline it.
  • Suppose you want to hide posts set to private recently and want to hide it for past followers; one option blocks that particular follower.
  • Remember, anyone can DM you, can share videos with you even though they are not your followers.
  • Also, suppose your Insta profile is a business account, then you can’t keep it private. But there is an option; first, you need to switch it into a personal account to make it private.


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