How To Change Background On Instagram Story

Instagram stories are in trend these days, and this is why most of the time is spent on social media, either putting up our stories or viewing someone else’s. In this article, I will tell you how to change Change Background On Instagram Story.

Instagram is growing daily. New innovative ideas and appealing effects are prompted so that one may use them to make stories more attractive and eye-catching to the audience.

A feature of Insta Story Backgrounds let people change the background of their stories, which look very realistic and fun. People, nowadays, are enjoying this trend.

The further article is a guide about how to change the background of your stories.

How To Change Background On Instagram Story

How to be creative with Instagram stories

One thing that can be explained here is that for enhancing one’s creativity, social media networks offer various creative ways.

One needs no professional expertise to create and design stories on Instagram.

There are several features offered by Instagram that let you enhance the Instagram stories and take them to the next level.

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The basic ones that people use are-

  • Stickers
  • Instagram Live
  • Collage
  • Changing the Insta background


The stickers available on Instagram are fundamental elements of visual arts that let the stories be more appealing and engaging.

Various stickers are available to put on your stories. Among them are animated stickers that make them attractive and sometimes humorous. The friends who are joined on Instagram can be mentioned on your stories depending upon their privacy. Also, you can host a question & answer session with your followers. This is quite an interactive session and helps boost your profile page and make a broad outreach to people.

Stickers are straightforward to use, and once a person gets used to them, they can not get over them.

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Instagram Live

A significant and interactive feature of Instagram is its live feature. It helps in connecting and communicating with friends in real-time. Influencers, celebrities, and many other brands use Instagram live features to make important announcements, host interviews.

The Instagram live can be made engaging and interactive when it’s done without putting on any add on filters and should be scheduled so that people may know the session that is going to happen.

Avoiding additional filters helps to make it realistic and genuine, which is very satisfying. Also, the speed you want to keep your live session going is totally up to you.

Simply just clicking on the Live button and going live with followers does not help. One needs to have a bit of practice and have a command over the technical aspects of getting live. Basic things such as the best angle to hold and put the phone, thinking about what is to be said during the session, exploring and learning to use various other features that you want to use while being live, should be gone through well so that it makes the session smooth and without any glitches.

As soon as you start your live session, The Instagram users are made aware of it, and they get a notification regarding the same. This helps boost engagement, and the brand can directly see that increase as soon as people join in, and many tend to follow if not.


The Instagram collage is a set or collection of shared photos in a single picture or video in different sets of layouts. The Instagram grid is compared to the set of Instagram collages. One more step by which you can make Instagram creative is sharing and posting a collage on your Stories. Also, when bloggers and influencers post multiple pictures in a single story as a college, it becomes attractive. Due to many followers, it is becoming popular among people these days.

Since it is getting popular, collage stories look highly innovative, and users also wanted to go with the flow and follow the trend. A Layout feature is present on the left sidebar of your Instagram, which makes it easy for you to create a collage. Choose two or three photos and add them in your Story under the layout feature, which sets them accordingly.

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If you do not wish to use the layout feature, you may select pictures, modify the backgrounds, create a collage of your choice, and then post it in your Stories.

Changing your Background

It is found that changing the background has been one of the most popular features on social networks.

The first thing that users do to edit their pictures is by changing the background of the photo. The most simple one is to change the colour of the background. After this, many other effects can be applied further.

Since many effects and features are interlinked, changing Instagram background story helps you make it attractive and increase people’s engagement through this. No limits are there for stories that look similar.

How to change the background on your Instagram story

How to change the background on your Instagram story

Depending on the type of background you want to add to your stories, the background can be changed in three ways. They are listed below.

  • The default colour can be changed to a different solid background.
  • The background can be changed to an already downloaded background to your phone.
  • The colour of the background can be changed, and then an image could be added to it.

How to change Instagram background-colour

Instagram automatically, by default, picks a colour for you to use in your background, depending on the post that you are sharing. But, it is not mandatory to stick to that colour. You may change your Story by selecting a different Instagram story background colour according to you, keeping in mind that the Story looks more attractive and pops up even more.

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There is a list of guidelines to be kept in mind. 

  • Open Stories.
  • Select a photo or video.
  • For highlighting, click on the brush icon.
  • There will be a list of colour options; pick a colour from there.
  • The screen needs to be tapped for a second.
  • The new background will be applied to the Story.

Tip- The photo added initially will be disbursed, and the new photo with the editing and context will be used as a blank canvas to add the text you want to.

Apart from this, when a post is shared from your feed, and background colour needs to be adjusted to the post’s branding, use the colour marker. The colour marker enables you to choose the exact colour that is present in your post.

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Changing to a Different Background That You’ve Downloaded on Your Phone

There are other options as well if you do not want just a colour change to your background.

A photo downloaded to your phone can be used as a background to the photo that needs a background change apart from the colour change.

There are several free sites from which you can download background images for your phone, such as,, Pinterest, etc.

The following steps are as listed-

  • Open stories.
  • To see the camera roll for the already downloaded photo to your phone, swipe up.
  • Select the background to be used.
  • Add it to your Story.

Tip- It is not mandatory to use background by downloading it from free stock sites. Most of the brands have logos and mascots. They can get a background designed from the concerned team and use it as the background, which will look like a custom background coming directly from the brand.

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Changing the Color of the Background and Adding an Image over It

The third option to change the background is by adding an image to it after changing the background colour.

The list of steps are mentioned here-

  • Open Stories.
  • Select a photo.
  • For highlighting, click on the brush.
  • Pick a colour you want to use.
  • Tap your screen for some seconds.
  • The new colour will be seen applied to your background.
  • Go to Your Photos.
  • Select the photo you want to use and click on ‘Copy photo’.
  • After selecting, go back to Stories. At the bottom-left of your screen, you will see a popup showing you the copied photo. There might be a possibility that the pop up will get missed. In that case, go to the text function and select paste. The photo will show up.


Though it looks like a very regular feature, changing your Instagram story’s background lets your story appeal and stand out.

Even if not many effects are put on stories, a simple colour background change makes a lot of difference and enhances the story’s look. Also, when custom backgrounds are created, they help to boost engagement among people.

More innovation could be done by adding animated backgrounds to the stories to tempt the audience.


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